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Originally Posted by MEXRACER2000 View Post
i think i got it the worst..same thing happened to me but my 7 completely turned off in the middle of me driving..power stearing went dead..and i thankfully had enough speed to coast into the entrance of a parking would not start after this..couldnt get it into neautral...had to have a tow truck drag it onto the flatbed...type of scenario that would bring a 7series loving man to his hands and knees full of tears..jaja...called the shop today..they told me that the seatbelt or airbag sensor is sending a false message to the fuel pump to shut of fuel...this happens when being involved in a wreck..its a safety issue with the fuel...they told me they are going to drive the car around and find out if it does it again ...the reason being that the parts are expensive....dont know wat to do...wish someone on here had the answer

Mr "NOT BAD FOR BEING 23YRS OLD...EEHH??" with all those spelling errors I hope you are still in college lol anyway this sounds like a serious issue and I hope they figure out the fix properly than just waiting for it to happen again.

I cant spell either so spellchecker is my friend

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