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Squeaks knocks and bangs updated

Hi there, here's an update.

My E36 Evo convertible '99 has been on the ramp more times than I can count now. New rear trailing arm bushes, new rsms.... back end feels amazingly tight to drive but still a 'rattle rattle' over bumps. The garage never found it... but I have a solution for you all!

If the rattle from your back end is more of a 'chatter' over small bumps, try driving over bumps with your left foot slightly on the brake pedal. Does the sound go away? I might well. In which case you will find that the retention clips on the inner brake pad that hold it against the piston have broken. Solution, new brake pads. Without this clip that is part of the pad, the pad an rattle a few mm in the caliper.

The 'squeak' when pulling away, no idea. never found it, but it cured itself.


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