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Hey guys. Don't panic! I have an E61 as well and suffered the same issue with water leak. Fortunately I was quick enough to recognise the issue and it didn't do any damage. Also, fortunately, it is a simple enough thing to resolve if you are DIY enabled. My leak came in the rear passenger side through various holes in the roof liner, mainly over the boot area.

Simply unscrew the rear pillar interior trim panels in the boot area, bearing in mind they will have an electrical connectyion for the light and the luggage cover release mechanism. These unclip simply enough. This will expose the edge of the roof liner at the pillar. Also pull off slightly, just enough, to expose the roof liner edge, the rubber tailgate seal. Gently prise the roof liner from its clips, taking care not to crease or dirty it. There are 3 main clips about 200m in from the edge of the liner fixed to the car roof structure. These will unclip easliy enough if you're careful. You only need about 200mm access space so it's not that hard to achieve. This will eventually expose the interior of the roof area and you will see the rear of the cassette assembly. The drain hose can be see running from the left and right rear corners toward the rear pillars. It's simple enough to disconnecnt them from the cassette and clear the blockage. My blockage was in the actual connection point of the cassette and I cleared it by rodding it with a small pen. I did the right side too even though it wasn't obviously leaking. reconnect the drain tubes and water test by pouring water into the sunroof eage whilst open. You will soon see if the drain is working.

Reassemble the car when complete taking care not to dirty the roof liner and making sure all the trim pieces are clicked into place properly on the rear pillars, connect the electrics again and screw it all together. I spent about an hour in total, bearing in mind I was operating 'blind'. If I had to do it again it would take about 30mins.

BTW, I had my cassette replaced under wearranty since because of another fault, but there you go.
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