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Originally Posted by WhoMe?! View Post
Thanks for all the information Orient330iNYC!

I have owned my2008 335i Coupe for 2 weeks now...........7 days after purchase, I got a puncture in the front passenger side tire. Not impressed! With a price tag of $475 CND to replace, I'm looking at alternatives for the RFT.

It would be great to get confirmation from a forum member that the kit fits a 2008 335i Coupe with the Sports Package. Based on everything you have done, it should fit. I would like to be 100% sure before I order and have this kit shipped North to Vancouver, BC.

I have an 2008 335i with the sport package / 18 inch staggered tires. I got the kit spare today, it fits perfectly flush for the rear wheels. It matches the front without touching the brakes, too (maybe there is like 1 mm at most between the them, but that doesn't matter). My only concern is that when installed in front, there are about 5 mm left between the steel wheel and the ?rotor part where the screws go in. i wonder if a spacer is still afterall necessary to reduce the forces on the screws... not sure though, it just doesn't look that kosher in front as compared with the rear...

my 2c

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