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I've experienced three more types of clunks from the rear. I found the shock mount noise to be higher in the chassis as well as somewhat higher pitched. Sounded like hitting two 2x2's together. There's a lower pitched clunking that seems to originate from the floor in front of the rear wheel wells. It comes and goes but is noticeable when driving over poorly paved surfaces. It sounds like a door isn't closed and is rattling. It's the rear trailing arm bushing (RTAB). What happens is the rubber bushing gets compressed and allows the arm to rattle against its mount. It's in the floor just ahead of the rear wheel. Mine let go at 140k. An Indy shop charged me $260 for labor and $40 for parts. RTABs sound like worn CV joints but make their noise going over bumps. CVs make their noise when driving the car into a hard curve at low speed. CVs are easy to check - just grasp the half shaft (betwen rear trailing arm and diff) there should be NO vertical or front to back motion.

Great post. I'll check my dust shields. I've got the whooshing noise you've described.
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