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Thumbs up Lease Calculations by total cost

I would like to thank all the great posters who contribute to this thread and this board. As a newbie considering his first Z4, this really is immensely helpful. I have read the strings on lease calculations, downloaded the lease spreadsheet, and communicated directly with BMWFS on getting 7 or 8 MSDs on my lease. I think I understand money factors, residuals cap costs and other innovative terminology.

Now I have a simplistic question. When trying to figure out the best deal can I use just one number, my total expense over the term of the lease, divided by the MSRP (or dealer cost) to determine that? For example, I am considering leasing my Z4 at $369 per month for 36 months, with a $2500 down payment. This is simply $369x36+2500 = $15784 total cost.

Using Ed103's numbers, his total cost is $427*36+1700=$17,072. Ed, I assumed you had 36 months, please correct.
So If Ed and I were looking at identically configured cars driven the same number of miles, I have the lower cost. I really don't need to know the money factor, residual, cap cost, acquisition, inception fee, etc. Of course sales tax must be added.

Originally Posted by Ed103 View Post
I just got my new Z4 on Friday, and I saw this thread today. I didn't know all this stuff was negotiable... Well...My monthly payment is $427 before tax and I paid $1,700 at the lease signing. All for a car with an MSRP of $38,900.00 How do you think that is?
By the way, the MSRP on my Z4 is $41,950; it has the sport package, xenon, heated seats and automatic top. Whaddaya think, should I go for it?

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