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Tentative instructions for installing Radio Dice Silverline (1624) on E39

I haven't yet installed my new Dice Silverline 1624, mainly because the Dice Silverline comes without any usable installation instructions!

Shockingly, the manual that came with my Dice only covers the trunk-mount method; not the radio-mount method! How can that be? The cables are only a foot and a half long, so, the cables are likely correct. When I go to the DICE support site, I can only find the same manual (which covers only the trunk mount). How can this be? Am I stuck in the twilight zone? I'm in shock and disbelief.

Plus, I'm not sure if the latest Dice cables I have will charge the latest 6th-generation iPods (see this post); the manual doesn't say, but, it doesn't say ANYTHING about the radio-mount installation either (shockingly), so, it obviously can't be trusted for anything useful. Luckily, there's this article on Bimmerfest (but it covers a different radio configuration than mine so I'm not quite sure what to do).

As far as I can tell, shockingly (I absolutely must be wrong), there is no installation manual for my vehicle!

WHERE IS THE DICE INSTALLATION MANUAL (radio mount, non DSP, non Nav, non Sirius, no CD changer, Business CD, 2002, 525i)?

If nobody can point me to a decent DICE radio-mount installation manual for my vehicle, then I'll have to write one myself.

Here are the steps I THINK we need to perform to install on a non-dsp, non-nav, non cd changer, non-sirius, business CD, BMW 2002 E39....
* Buy or assemble the following parts
- 1/8" mini-stereo-jack AUX extension cable (does not come with the DICE but you can get it from Radio Shack according to this post). It can be male-to-male, male-to-two-RCA-male, or male-to-female as desired but you want to get it now before you install the DICE
- Number 10 Torx wrench (for the one radio set screw under the volume control knob)
- 2.5mm allen head hex wrench (or is it a #10 Torx?) for the two screws mounting the Business CD
- 10mm box wrench (for the battery cable nuts)
- iPod with songs organized by playlists (very important to organize the songs by playlists)
* Optional: Install SharePod Windows freeware on your iPod to free yourself from the tyranny of iTunes (SharePod allows you to drag and drop songs to or from any pc to or from any iPod and then to edit the playlists and ID3 tags and add or delete songs without ever using iTunes)
* Read the instructions & watch the videos listed in this posting earlier in this thread
* Register your Dice at htp:// & check your iPod firmware
* Record radio preset frequencies (otherwise they'll be lost)
* Obtain the radio code (if needed, but HOW?) BEFORE disconnecting the radio!
* Cover the gear-shift knob with a towel to protect it (optional)
* Remove battery cables, negative first
* Touch battery cable terminals together (away from battery) for five seconds (a small spark is normal as this is stored power draining from the system)
* Pull off the radio volume control knob
* Twist the #10 Torx stop bolt by 90 degrees counter clockwise (some writeups say it's a 2.5mm allen head hex bolt) ???
* Pull off the faceplate that has all the LEDs (they call it the M.I.D.).
* Remove the two 2.5mm? allen-head? screws holding the radio in
* Remove the radio antenna ???
* Remove the radio ground strap ???
* Remove the radio ???
* Car Switch: Leave the two Car Switch DIP tabs up (i.e., off, the default for late model BMW Business CD radio systems)
* iPod Switch: Leave the two iPod Switch DIP tabs up (i.e., off, in the "locked" position, which is the default for when MID text display is supported)
* Connect the dice to the harness??? How? This is a key step and there's NOTHING about this in the manual that came with it!
* Connect the aux wire to the DICE
* Connect the ipod wire to the DICE
* Clean out the glove box & shine a flashlight toward the radio
* Locate the glovebox entry hole by the bright beam of light
* Route the wires to the glovebox BEHIND the glovebox support arm (so the wires don't get pinched when the glovebox opens)
* Set the DICE left hand Dip switches one up and one down
* Set the DICE right hand switches both up.
* Connect the 12-pin molex connector to the DICE and to the radio
* Connect the male 1/8-inch aux stereo cable to the AUX of the DICE unit leaving the female unconnected
* Connect the 8-pin DIN dock cable to the DICE and leave the iPod end unconnected
* "Hide" the DICE unit with the DIP switches facing the driver so that it sits just below the M.I.D. (so that you can more easily access the DIP switches in the future)
* Reconnect the radio ground strap
* Reconnect the radio antenna
* Reconnect the M.I.D.
* Replace the volume control knob
* Touch the battery cables together (just in case)
* Reconnect battery cables onto battery, positive first, negative last.
* Reboot iPod by pressing on MENU and CENTER buttons for five seconds and then reconnecting to the DICE cable after the reboot process is completed.
* Connect your iPod to the dice cable
* Configure your iPod settings ???
- Set the iPod to "Shuffle" so that RND works on the DICE
- Connect the iPod to your DICE iPod Interface
* Turn on your radio and select the CD mode (the iPod may cycle through a set of screens while it initializes in the DICE Mode)
* Wait for approx. 10 seconds before making any selection or changes!

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