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Originally Posted by M.Wong View Post
Wait, do all three brake lights illuminate on the back of your car when the brake pedal is depressed? If not, that is your first issue. The "check brake light" warning on your dash will trigger if all three are not working.

Do none of them come on? If that is the case, you may have a pedal switch issue, or something more complex within the electrical system.

Do just the two (left and right), or just the third (center) come on? If that is the case, have you changed the bulbs? People have reported that aftermarket bulbs are more likely to cause the "check brake light" error due to resistance or impedence (or something?), but others have not had the same concern.

If all three lights work and you get the error message, you could have corrosion at the sockets and the light housings themselves. People have replaced their sockets, or even their tail lights, if cleaning the conctact points didn't work.
So are you saying when the brake pedal is depressed the center light suppose to come on too? Because mine doesn't but when I turn the headlights on that center one illuminates...
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