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I think this guy said it best....

The answer is, of course, an emphatic Hell No! But it might be too late. I'll get the iPhone because it is a great device and I want one, but I have a few points that I will hold my ground on:

* I won't wait in one of those damn lines at the Apple store to get it
* I won't pull it out at every possible opportunity to show it off
* I won't talk about it incessantly and argue its merits at dinner with people I don't know that well
* I won't buy over-priced Apple products just because they are made by Apple
* I won't wait with baited breath for Steve Jobs to tell me about the next great Apple innovation
* I won't read the MacRumors blog to find out about what is coming
* And most importantly, I won't become an iNerd

Yeah, I'm gonna stand my ground.

Posted by: Connor Fee

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now, go burn your Man Card, and buy yourself a Camry....
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