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Originally Posted by CarterTG View Post
I use a popsicle stick to pry off the black plastic cover next to the foglamp. Unscrew the hex-bolt and the foglamp assembly falls out toward you. ....
I don't think he was asking about the fog lamp. He said the "driving light" which I believe is the low beam.

To remove the light head lights (high or low).... this is from memory.

1) Open the hood
2) Look behind the head light enclosures, and locate the back of the light blubs. They have wires that clip on.
3) Unclip the wires.
4) Turn the bulbs a quarter turn (don't remember which direction)
5) Pull the bulb out of the head light enclosure
6) Remove the bulb from the "holder".
7) Reverse to put in new lights.

You may have to remove the washer fluid bucket on the passenger's side. I remember the driver's side being much easier.
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