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Originally Posted by Bruce View Post
I won't insult your intelligence and ask if you have the clutch depressed....

A fuse is either bad or it is won't be intermittently good (or bad) to make it a sometime start issue.

Have you pulled the codes?

Have you tried a different key?

Might try replacing the main and start relays, but I would pull the codes first before throwing unnessecary money at the problem.
harharhar.. this is my second stickshift-driven vehicle.. of course it is depressed.. even gave it a few good mashings to make sure a sensor wasn't sticking

i have not yet pulled codes. trying to avoid the dealership and trying to diagnose on my own.. better to learn that way. i have tried different keys. doesn't make a difference.
but where would i find the relevant relays? i just got the car back in march '08 and haven't been able to poke around in the engine compartment other than doing oil changes.
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