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Originally Posted by CSBM5 View Post
Again, this is incorrect. The ONLY 2002 M5s that have rear airbags are those that were specifically ordered that way by the dealer or new owner. Somewhere in the range of 90% of 2002 BMWNA delivered 2002 M5s do not have the rear airbags (note when referring to rear airbags this means door airbags and the rear HPS system). I had direct contact with BMWNA back in the day about this issue.

Here is the bottom line on E39 M5 rear airbags by model year:

2000 -- rear door airbags only
2001 -- rear door airbags and rear HPS (head protection system airbags) standard
2002 -- for this year only, the rear airbags (both) were OPTIONAL at no cost, but VERY FEW 2002 M5s have them -- easy to check by looking for the AIRBAG embossing at the top back of door upholstery and the HPS embossing on the C-pillar near the light.
2003 -- same as 2001, standard

All rear DOOR airbags were delivered deactivated and required an owner waiver signature to activate. All rear HPS systems were delivered activated regardless of the state of the door airbags.

That's "the word" on rear airbags on the E39 M5 from BMWNA. When I was searching for an M5 back in 2003, I stumbled onto noticing that not a single 2002 M5 I came across had rear airbags, hence I got to the bottom of this issue.


Ok...I think I remember this discussion before...and I believe the discrepancy was that the 02' catalog, which says they all come with airbags, was incorrect. I have them, but I'm sure they're deactivated.
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