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i took automatic transmission class at Lincoln Tech and tore down and assembled trannys, i kno ur gonna bust up ur knuckles trying to take out and putting in the clutch packs inside and they have to go in a certain way, and certain order and then there are rings that take a while to get into a tiny groove, you also have to replace shift selenoids. you will also need to replace rubber seals and gaskets. as you dissamble take pictures of everything and notes to make sure u can reassemble in reverse order. if you make the slightest mistake, everything will be wrong wit the tranny. you will need a torque wrench/ratchet, because the bolts on the tranny have to be torqued to a certain number of pounds and in a certain order and then retorqued to make sure. do not use silicone gasket sealers, it will break up and get clogged in the filter and wind up inside. dont forget to change the filter and ATF fluid.
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