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Originally Posted by rivercity View Post
I'm also curious how BMW dealerships have different prices for the same exact thing
I agree it's wierd. I specifically asked for the specific part numbers. I called three dealers. Two always answered the phone. One never did.

Both who answered the phone gave prices listed above. One I even called twice and got the same price (from the same guy, mind you). Anyone else can confirm my results with a simple phone call. I don't think my information is wrong since I was very clear on the part number and so were they on the price.

Do others think the same BMW dealers often quote different prices to different people for the same part if you ask by part number? Is that your experience? Maybe if a different voice asks, you get different answers depending on whom they think they can take advantage of? I wouldn't have thought so. Maybe someone else can call tomorrow and see if it comes out at $8 or more than double that like I got (twice).
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