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Threads get long when the answers continue to be wrong

Originally Posted by tx540 View Post
Who would have thought there would be this long a thread on wipers?
I think partly it's long because I'm looking for the right answer and we got lots and lots of (what turned out to be) wrong answers (at least for my three local dealerships).

We finally found the right answer, but, not after more than eight (8) suggestions saying the local dealer (is, should be, might be) cheaper when they were all wrong (as it turns out in the SF Bay area anyway). Very wrong.

Another reason is that the BMW parts diagram is (now so obviously) wrong.

Add to that the fact the BMW part number on realoem also turns out to be mostly wrong (given the recommendations that came out of this thread)...

So, until you know the answer, we finally get to the right answer (at least given my three local dealerships).
And, once you already know the right answer, (which is different for different locales as it turns out), then it's trivially simple.

I'm not blaming anyone ... I'm just explaining three reasons why something as simple as a wiper would have a more lengthy thread than one would otherwise expect.
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