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Love my new X6 ... hate the rear-view camera

Turned in my beloved 650i before leaving on a business trip, then returned to take ownership of an option-packed Mineral Silver X6!

It is taking some adjustment coming from a low riding 650i to a high riding X6, but the level of space and comfort in the X6 is unsurpassed!

However the X6, with its larger boundaries, requires one to re-learn the corners of the car. The view out the rear is somewhat limited given the slope and height of the window. So I rely on the rear-view camera for this.

From the moment I first used the camera at the dealership I noticed how poor the resolution was. This was in the evening, so I figured things would get better during the day. However, even in daylight, the resolution is poor. Not quite out-of-focus, just not sharp.

I have been trying to get used to it and have changed the various option settings it has for overlays (obstacles, pathway lines, etc) but nothing seems to help.

Then, the other day I drove my wife's ML350 which also has a rear-view camera. I could not believe the difference! On the ML everything is clear and sharp. When you look at the road, you see the texture of the asphalt, not just some blacktop. This makes all the difference when using (depending on) the camera to navigate tricky parking lot situations!

I don't know what experience X5 owners or other X6 owners have had, but I hope BMW is listening because the camera simply is NOT to BMW standard.

One thought I had--which in no way should justify the condition--is that maybe due to the overlays BMW has for this camera they needed to reduce the resolution so that the computer that creates the image could cope. If that's the case, I say get rid of the overlays and let me have a decent camera.

I would appreciate feedback from other X5/X6 owners who have experience with current or past BMW rear-view cameras.

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