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Originally Posted by Transporter08 View Post
Confused newbie (me)
I read the posts and I would like to understand this whole thing, since we got a lot of snow here now. I drive a 530i. From what I gather I can summarize the following:

Initially after starting the car:
DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) is on by default.
DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) is off by default.

Hit the DTC button once (light goes on, I can see it in the front panel too):
DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) is now off. (??)
DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) is on. (use for snow)

3. Hit the DTC button once (light goes off):
DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) is now on. (??)
DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) is now off.

Hit the DTC button for a long time (about 8 seconds):
DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) is off (and not coming back?).
DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) is off (and not coming back?).

So, it's either DTC or DSC, but noth both at the same time... I think,
Not quite...see post #14, where I summarized what the owners manual says (hint, hint... ). Based on the myriad descriptions provided in this thread, you really have to wonder how many people actually read the owners manual.

The parts of your post I highlighted in red are incorrect.

Here are excerpts from the owners manual (it's amazine how useful that thing is )--I actually think it's pretty clear (I added the blue highlighting):

DSC Dynamic Stability Control
The system prevents traction loss in the driving
wheels when starting off and accelerating. DSC
also detects unstable driving conditions such
as a fishtailing rear end or sliding of the front
In these cases, DSC helps the vehicle
maintain a safe course within physical limits by
reducing engine output and through braking
actions in the individual wheels.
The DSC is operational every time you start the

DTC Dynamic Traction Control
DTC is a version of DSC in which the drive output
is optimized for particular road conditions,
e.g. unplowed snow-covered roads. The system
assures the maximal drive output, but with
reduced driving stability.
It is therefore necessary
to drive with appropriate caution.
You may find it useful to briefly activate DTC
under the following special circumstances:
> When driving on snowy inclines, in slush, or
on unplowed, snow-covered road surfaces
> When rocking a stuck vehicle free or starting
off in deep snow or on loose ground
> When driving with snow chains

Activating DTC
Press the button briefly; the DTC indicator lamp
in the instrument cluster lights up.

Deactivating DTC again
Press the button again; the DTC indicator lamp
in the instrument cluster goes out.

Deactivating DTC and DSC together
Press the button until the DSC indicator lamp in
the instrument cluster lights up, but not longer
than approx. 10 seconds. Stabilizing and drive
output promoting actions are no longer executed.
In addition, the stability promoting intervention
of the active steering is deactivated,
refer to page 81.

Reactivating DSC
Press the button; the DTC indicator lamp in the
instrument cluster goes out.
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