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Originally Posted by Bikeshark View Post
Hello, Listmates.

Has anyone driven on the mini-spare so we know it is both functional as well as apparently functional? I have the 335xi coupe ('08) and have some Tire Rack 17" wheels/traction tires on order, non-runflat. When I reinstall the 18" wheels I will replace these horrible Bridgestone Tires, possibly with the Michelins they use on the Corvette as they are apparently also BMW OEM.

I'd really like to know about how the little spare is working out.


Harv in Seattle
Originally Posted by Orient330iNYC View Post
well, trial by fire boys. I'm in buffalo NY this weekend and got a sidewall puncture of a rear rft tire 30 miles from my destination. ( i cracked another 19" rim earlier, so i'm having a very bad tire week.)
none of the local tire shops have anything close to even a regular tire in 255/35/18, so i'm going to have to drive home on the spare. 400 miles back to NYC. its going to suck keeping the speed down. the angry yellow warning label has 50mph listed, but checking the sidewall of the tire has it rated M or 81mph. going to see if i can limp back at 65-70mph. i do not recommend anyone else exceed the listed speed limit on the rim however.

BTW, check the tire pressure in your spare when you get it. it should be at 60psi. i found out today that mine was only at 45.
Originally Posted by Orient330iNYC View Post
well, i drove around on it all weekend, probably put about 300 miles on it.
this morning i was able to find a shop that had a potenza RE760 non-runflat tire in the right size so i had them mount it up. i was going to try to drive back from buffalo with the donut, but was a little wary of driving non stop at highway speeds on it. 147 for the tire, and i got a front sized tire (i had blown a rear) so i can use it as a spare front or rear.

the donut spare worked admirably, as long as you kept in mind that it was a donut and drove more conservatively. ended up visiting all the places i was going to, minimal interruption to my trip, and it held me over untill i could find a suitable tire. most of the trips were short, in town trips, a few 30-50 mile ones though

interestingly, the dealer i got the tire from, even though it was a runflat certified bridgestone shop, didnt have either the 225/40 or the 255/35 runflat in stock.

i dont think the runflat tire would have gotten me through the weekend with all the driving i did.
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