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Thanks for the post! I am about to do a small conversion for the "city lights" myself but not for legality purpose, just to look cool. Actually, I would use them as my daytime running lights so I suppose that it would serve a slight purpose. I have purchased the 63128380205 bulb holders already. I looked everywhere and no place had that part number specifically for an X3. At realoem that part is #12 and it gives no part number or anything for it, plus in the illustration it shows a bulb holder that would not be long enough to protrude into the headlight housing. Anyhow, since I already have the 63128380205 what bushing contacts did you use with that connector? Was it the 61130006624? Also, when I tested the 63128380205 holder and my LED bulb, everything inserted fine but it never actually clicked in or locked into the hole. It seems like such a tight fit with the black plastic cover right behind it that it might hold itself in place, but that is even without the bushing contacts connector. Am I missing something? Or, how does yours fit or secure? I plan on running my wires to the fuse box (a fuse that is active with the car on) with an "add a fuse" jumper and then put in a switch under the dash in case I want to turn them off. Here is a pic of what it looked like when I was testing it in the passenger side location.

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