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Originally Posted by pcrispy View Post
I looked everywhere and no place had that part number specifically for an X3. At realoem that part is #12 and it gives no part number or anything for it, plus in the illustration it shows a bulb holder that would not be long enough to protrude into the headlight housing.
My dealer gave me a printout of the page where the parts are listed for headlight. I have run into missing part numbers before and it might be that #12 is EU only part and that's why it is not on the web page. However, I've got the exact same picture with part number 63128380205 for #12. So you got the right part. The illustration is just not looking 'real'.

Anyhow, since I already have the 63128380205 what bushing contacts did you use with that connector? Was it the 61130006624?
I was not able to tell the exact part number for the bushing contacts from the realoem picture. I just went to the dealer and took my bulb holders and asked him to find the ones that fit.

Also, when I tested the 63128380205 holder and my LED bulb, everything inserted fine but it never actually clicked in or locked into the hole. It seems like such a tight fit with the black plastic cover right behind it that it might hold itself in place, but that is even without the bushing contacts connector. Am I missing something?
This was confusing for me too. The 63128380205 holder did not snap nor twist into place so there was no way to tell if it was properly there or not. I guess that is just the way it is. Or at least it seems to work and that's how I left them since it was quite tight fit and it will stay there in place for sure. I was more worried about the cables that they would not be cut when you close the plastic cover. That's why carved some space to the side of the plastic cover for the bushing connectors.

I guess I could stop by a dealer one day to see how the lights are installed on EU models at the factory. But if you install LEDs you most likely will never need to change them.

I plan on running my wires to the fuse box (a fuse that is active with the car on) with an "add a fuse" jumper and then put in a switch under the dash in case I want to turn them off.
In a way this was my plan B as well if I had not been able to do it the way I did with a difference that I need to be able to turn them on without power switched on. That will work for sure and is a simple install. Which fuse will you utilize? I already have one extra switch for the rear fog light (in a not visible but usable location under the steering on the top part of the footwell cover)...

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