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DIY - convert NA x3 to Euro specs


Thanks for all of your information. I have heard of people blowing their LCM because they simply slaved the front lights off the side lights. I like your idea of using LEDs to lower the current draw on the LCM. Did you consider using the signal from the side light to switch a relay for the fronts and keep the original bulbs? How long have you had your set-up working? Just curious. Also, people underestimate how hot a dummy bulb used to fool the dash light can get. A friend almost started a fire in his car using a dummy bulb instead of a resistor designed to dissipate the heat.

FYI - I slaved the fronts off the sides and used dummy bulbs painted with high temp paint to fool the dash circuit. I then tied the new parking lights to my old blinker wires. They blinked, but it wasn't noticed at the inspection. I have DRL's on, so it is hard to see them anyway. I did it all with jumper wires after disconnecting the original connectors and un-did it right after the inspection and put it back to US spec. I'm only in Europe for a short time and didn't want to make any permanent changes to the wiring. Besides, there are tons of US spec BMW's running around Germany just fine.

Thanks again for all your info - very interesting.
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