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Another Nickís unsolicited Claying Tip

Are you a little worried about claying your beautiful paint for the first time? Donít be! Hereís a tried and true way for a first time clayer to safely learn about claying and get a very clean windshield to boot.

Wait until your windshield has collected a few bugs and some road dirt, then gather up your clay, a bottle of QD or dedicated lubricant, a spray bottle of shampoo/water solution, your favorite glass cleaner, a clean microfiber towel, and a sheet of old newspaper.

Do a quick wash and rinse of your windshield to get rid of most of the debris so that you wonít really trash your clay. Now start claying one side of the glass using QD or your dedicated lube. Use plenty of lube! Start with a very light pressure, then gradually increase the pressure to fairly heavy - pay attention to the feedback that the clay is providing to your hand. Try using only a small amount of lube on one area - feel the difference! Rinse with clean water.

Now repeat on the other side of the windshield using the shampoo/water solution as your lubricant. Note the difference between the QD (or dedicated lube) and the shampoo/water solution. Rinse with clean water when finished.

After this quick, safe, and easy experiment you will know how the clay feels, how it works, and which lube is best for you. Youíll now have the experience and confidence needed to safely and effectively clay your beautiful paint!

Now to finish: Use your glass cleaner and the microfiber towel and clean the glass as usual to get rid of any remaining lubricant residue. For the final step very lightly mist the glass with your glass cleaner and do a final buffing with the newspaper. No smears, no smudges, no streaks, and no lint!

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