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Re: Sorry guys

Originally posted by KU Ned
I was excited that BMW-Williams finally got a win.

Just for reference, should we not talk about new BMW's when they come out until you have had a chance to see one for your self at your convenience?

The internet is referred to as the information superhighway. It s a means of communicating information quickly. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE RESULTS OF A RACE, DON'T GET ON THE INTERNET!!! Why should those of us that watch something live have to wait to discuss until you decide you want to watch it.
Wow, never expected that kind of a reaction. No one is saying you can't post and discuss the race, in fact if you read my post, I said just the opposite, just don't post results in the subject line...pretty simple. This isn't just about F1, but about all types of racing and on my TIVO, I always have some race waiting for me to watch, whether it be CART, F1, World Challenge, Grand AM, ALMS.

It seems that you are in the minority on this simple request, so can we please have your cooperation?
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