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Originally Posted by steve328 View Post
Hi, I have a 2000 E46 328 with auto A/C and unusual problem. During cold weather where the temperature set on the control panel causes the vents to blow warm/hot air, it blows very hot as soon as heat is available after start-up. this continues relentlessly for about 20 minutes and the air inside the car becomes too hot for comfort - even with the controls set to 20C. After 20 minutes all heat ceases and the fan blows totaly cold air from then on. The wheel control on the dash is set to one or two red dots (after the 20 minute cut-off these have no effect). The fan functions perfectly and responds to all control settings. It seems that heat is present in the heater matrix because after the 20 minute cut-off the defrost button will still blow hot air to the screen vents! Can anyone help?
Weird. Couple things to try, 1. Use a vacuum and suck out the crap/dust that accumulates on the two vents on either side of the climate control panel. I think one of them is a sensor for the "auto" function. 2. Is your thermostat operating properly? If it is getting stuck closed this could explain the lack of heat. 3. Try replacing your FSU (final stage unit) and see if that helps. 4. Your climate control might be faulty, you could replace that too

Hope that helps. I just recently had NO heat and it was my thermostat going bad (finally failed and left me on the side of the road)

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