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Oil separator failure - so far $2300 bill

Here in WI it is very cold. Last Thursday was -15F with a colder wind chill. My X5 was parked in my garage, which is not heated but insulated. It was below 32 degrees in my garage. Drove to work Thurs am, all was good, parked outside in the lot. Came back at 5pm, started the car just fine, then drove 2 miles towards interstate. Lots of white smoke was billowing from the back. Engine became very sluggish, then as I was entering the interstate, the engine seized. Fortunately I made it to the side without getting rear ended by a 60 mph semi.

Towed to BMW dealer. Oil separator became stuck due to frozen oil, water, in the separator assembly. Caused high pressure release of oil, and whatever else was in the hoses. Dealer first told me it was a battery and that I needed an oil change due to my service indicator. I do my own oil, so told her not to worry about the oil. She said the battery was the other problem. I asked if we were talking about the same car. Mine smelled like burning oil and rubber. She called me back and said indeed more was wrong.

BMW needs to issue a recall for the oil separator and its high rate of failures. There have to be engineers at Spartanburg who have figured out how to address this problem. My guess it could be done with PVC and a little heat.

I meet with the service manager tomorrow. BMW NA needs to get their arms around this and manage this issue. I refuse to pay one penny for this repair and as a BMWCCA member, I have brought it up with Mike Miller over at Tech Talk. He agrees with my frustration and sent me an SIB on the issue.

I love the brand, and my X5, but like so many of my friends, they take their car in and a massive bill changes their opinions on BMWs, and they move to other brands. Has anyone pursued legal help on this oil separator failure? Thanks, Tom

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