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Originally posted by Kaz
I guess you're still failing to see the point of my original post despite everyone else re-explaining it. I can't speak for everybody but I do NOT go around on websites looking to spoil race results for myself before I watch a race. But the nature of how many people read Bimmerfest is such that ALL recent threads show in one long list, and that includes threads one doesn't even necessarily WANT to look at (OT junk, race results, etc.). I think this request is a little easier to understand once you understand the mechanics behind why this has been requested.
Yea it is pretty hard to figure out how to look at all new threads.

My point is that if you don't want certain information why would you view the site in that manner. Once something happens it is history and anyone should be able to talk about it in any manner they choose. Why should your schedule dictate how others post? If you don't want the information don't set yourself up to see it. This discussion is what gives many BMW owners the reputation of arrogance. You want to watch a program when you choose instead of live, you want to view Bimmerfest and other sites in a manner other than the default setting and expect others to do as you do, you want discuss the race at your convenience, you want to tell others when and how to discuss it. Why are you and your Tivo so important that you can dictate how those of us interested enough to watch live should discuss the race?

Believe me I understand how a computer and this site work. I guess because Road Runner had a headline and picture I should contact Time Warner and tell them not to post any headlines or news until they are sure everyone has watched the event on Tivo or VHS.

I often times miss a race or game and tape it. I hope to not hear the results until I get a chance to watch it but I definately do not get on the internet and expect to not find out.

I understand your point of view and stated that I would not post headers with spoilers. Unfortunately you are too wrapped up in your schedule to try to understand my point of view. I guess we have to agree to disagree.

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