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Originally posted by KU Ned
Now you are getting ridiculous. I have taken part in discussion groups regarding sports and other events for years. We use the discussion groups to discuss events (games, races, etc) before, during and after the event. I am not trying to impose my thoughts or actions on anyone. You are trying to tell the members of this board how and when to post. I have agreed to not post spoilers what the hell do you want from me?? My point from the beginning is that you can not control what others might or might not do so why put yourself in a position of ruining your enjoyment of the event? You continue to tell me how I should post and what I know or don't know but you have yet to answer any of my questions about why you put yourself in the position of finding out something you don't want to know.

Again, maybe you have not seen the new Bangled 5-series so no one should talk about it on this board until you are ready.

By the way Montoya won and it was a great race. Isn't that what this section of Bimmerfest is supposed to be about??
How hard is it to comply with the wishes of the majority of the board members here? A lot of us come here not just for the Motorsports discussions but also for general information and socializing. A good portion of us log on on Saturdays and Sundays to check out what others are talking about...A quick way to do that is to view the board via "view new posts". There's already a sticky made here that will remain on the top of the board requesting members NOT to post spoilers on the subject header so that those of us wishing to catch it at a later time without knowing the result can do so by ignoring threads with the title SPOILER in it.

I think this should be a two way street...All you have to do is modify how you wish to post and discuss F1 results by posting SPOILER in your title, and we'll make our conscious effort to skip over threads with the word SPOILER in it. Both party must make the effort. What you propose that we NOT get on this board on alternate Sundays sounds a lot more far fetched than us requesting that you post the word SPOILER in your title so we can ignore it.
"Bench racing" about track times driven by professionals are like a bunch of nerds arguing which Princess Leia is hotter, the slave Leia or the no-bra jail-bait Leia. No matter how compelling your argument is, the plain and simple fact is, none of you will EVER get to hit that.
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