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Originally Posted by doru View Post
5 official jackpoints (4 lateral + 1 under engine).
The 6th is your rear differential. Pay attention to that one though - wrap a thick cloth underneath.

Pull the handbrake firmly.
Jack up front of the car (under the engine)
Post stands in front (2 lateral)
Jack up the rear (under differential)
Place the next 2 stands at the rear. Done.

Lowering is the reverse. Make sure you lower the rear first. There are no brakes on the front wheels.

Do the work at your own risk. Make sure your jack is a heavy duty and the stands are good for about 2 - 2.5 tons each.
Do not cinder blocks, wood stomps etc.

Good luck

P.S. I forgot to mention to use the wheel chocks for an added safety factor (which you have 1 in the trunk)
For easy lifting (front) i did build 2 ramps out of 2 x 4's
Now that's detail! Very nice my friend.

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