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Originally Posted by baaaaaaa View Post
I've got a manual 325i that has a problem where the engine cuts out at around 5200 rpms. I do not think the tac is off becuae it started to occur a few months ago and feels like it may also be losing a little power. It does not stall or anything but won't go past this point. It does this in just about every gear and does not do it if you slowly accelerate up past this point. It mainly just doest if if you hammer it or floor it. I have done alot of work to this car lately and really am stumped about this problem. The things I've done to it this summer include dinan chip, scorpian exhaust, k&n intake, oxygen sensor, thermometor, manifold gaskets and more. I am suspecting that it could have to do with the ignition like distributer cap and rotor.

Anybody had this problem or got any ideas whats wrong
Yeah, your engine isnt running properly. Its running out of air, fuel, and /or spark. A properly running engine should bounce off the Rev limiter if desired.
Since you bring up distributer cap, have you looked or changed it? Thats a 15,000 mile at best tune-up item. Have you checked timing? How about compression? Looked at the spark plugs? How about vaccum leaks?

Start with the basics and rule them out. Once you do that make a new thread and ask your detailed question. This is the FAQ thread which is more a place for answers, not questions.
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