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Originally Posted by DominikB View Post
this thread is 3 years old, but it's exactly about the problem I've got.

I own E46 (2003, facelift) with almost all options.

When I press unlock button on the key 1, mirrors are immediately set according to the last setting for driver 1. The same is happening for driver 2/unlock button on key 2.

That means, both keys are working fine, but only the mirrors settings are correctly restored.

Driver's seat does not move at all (it's electrical, of course) according to last key settings. I've tried all guides posted here and the seat never moves. It stays in the last (actually current) position no matter what...

I've also memorized the seat position to button 1 for key 1, and button 2 for key 2.

Seat Settings is set to "when unlocking" in car memory (done at my dealer).

Anyone has an idea?
I'm having this exact same problem.
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