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Arrow 1989 635CSI Tranny problem!

I have an '89 635 with around 244k miles on it. It's got some issues, but the motor and transmission have never been an problem. As I'm driving home on Sunday morning in a horrible rainstorm, it begins limping around, and I had to give it a ton of gas to get going. It was struggling to get up a grade on the highway and was running at almost 4000 RPM.

Basically, I determined that it was unable to get out of 3rd gear (automatic obviously) and this light on the dash was on (I've never seen it before). It indicated an "Electronic Shift" something or other.

As the manual confirms, the car will only run in 3rd gear because of a shift circuit something or other (I'm at work, just recounting what I read, sorry...).

I've made an appointment with my mechanic, and he referred to it as "limp mode" on the phone. He assumed there was something pretty wrong with the transmission.

I did a Google search last night on my phone and came across another thread in this forum last night where a guy had the same issue. I guess it was a grounding problem? I made sure my battery terminals were all clean and that no wires were in disrepair or anything this morning. I'd had a few last night and haven't been able to find that thread again...

If you've had the same issue, let me know! I want good news!

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