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Originally Posted by MSAMMY View Post
Nope, no resolution. My dealer can't reproduce it and I just got the infamous "Wooow" sound while turning right into a parking space. It must be something simple as the brake pads or something since I've observed that every time this happens, it's under moderate braking while turning slow speed left or right into a parking space or mostly, my driveway/garage. If you ever figure it out, please post, thanks!
We're gonna try.. slated for 1st or 2nd week to bring car back, and FSE will spend entire day with shop making additional attempts. I have to respect the position the auto industry is in right now, BMW included, and recognize that they can't just throw thousands of dollars of parts into something that everyone is clueless on. They do want to fix whatever ails this in the few cases on the whole.

I've looked in detail at the suspension drawings.. I think we all agree the the best way to describe this is a "whooo-ing" sound.. lasts about a second or two, or about 5 driving feet. sounds like coming from driver front, but passengers tell me also sounds like their side.. taking this in lamen's logical steps, I start with the fact that there is a load on the car, and with a load, the shocks or struts will move. could be a bad cylinder or rod in the shock? no one's looked at that as far as I can tell. could be a bushing of some sort, BUT dealer doesn't think so. Back to shocks - what if there are a few faulty or out of speck absorbers.. the glide rod is ever so slightly smaller than designed, and when the load on the car sets in, the glide rubs against the cylinder, making the whooshing noise? why only at slow speeds? because the strut moves slow enough to create either the compressed air escaping, or the rubbing noise.. at faster speeds, it's moving to fast to "Catch"...

well, that is my "hey, at least I came up with something, if not half baked!!!" attempt at the fix.. and again, from a mechanical lamen.. thanks for listening.
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