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Originally Posted by wag-zhp View Post
Oh, that sucks. I hate it when they turn your skills, knowledge, intelligence, etc, into a liability. The one that really bugs me is the old "you're over qualified for the job", I mean what is that all about? I'm pretty sure most of us could dumb ourselves down and be happy with a job to keep food on the table. Sure there's the possibility that we will jump ship if a better job comes along, but in today's career climate someone that has been at the same job more that 5 years is a seasoned veteran, and longer that 10 years at the same job is becoming very uncommon. Companies are cutting people loose like never before. Saying someone is over qualified or wouldn't be challenged enough is bullhooey, especially when the employers are the ones initiating the terminations so much more often.

Hang in there. Even though this job didn't pan out, you can at least come away from it knowing they knew you were too good for them and the job.
I'm stuck in the same program for 15 years. Now they are talking about ISS lasting until 2020.
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