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Originally Posted by AndreyATC View Post
Here is the little curve ball on the diesel speculation
We might start getting more demand for diesel in US and the refineries will be producing more of it, hense, the price likely to be lower than 93
Regarding China:
Well, they needed a lot of diesel to power their electric generators for Olympic games
They did cut back a lot and i'm sure they wont need it as much in the near future

For your "Hyundai" comment:
It will not just save you money, it'll give you better performing car that takes less trips to gas stations while throwing less carbon into the air
Isnt it a nice feeling?

P.S. Oh, try towing with 3.0, definetely not as good as with 35D

LOL. towing capacity and other reasons was what I was alluding to about getting a diesel engine and not mgp's and if somone was worried about the cost of gas...don't get a SUV.
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