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How to test speed sensor with a multimeter? Please help

My 2000 528i got the DSC/ABS/brake lights on. I started by examining the ABS sensors. I tried the diode test first. (

My multimeter showed a stable "1", with or without spinning the wheel. How come they got a OL and 1.4V?? confused

I then tried to test their resistance, all of the 4 are 8~9Mohm and 16~18M(with the polarity shifted). Is this normal? I also followed this link:

and found that there were no ohm change when spinning the wheels (for the 2 front sensors, did not try the rear ones). Does it mean both were broken?

I measured from both the connectors of the sensor and the ones to the ABS module, and got same results.

Just wonder if there is any good way to figure out 1(or 4??) bad sensor with a multimeter. Thanks

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