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Originally Posted by quackbury View Post
I am hearing some anecdotal evidence that the rears wear much faster than the fronts - makes sense for those who do donuts / burnouts / launch control; wonder if it's true for those who drive their M3's more (ahem) sedately?

I'm thinking about running the PS2's to where they just qualify for lease turn in (3/8ths IIRC?), replacing them with Bridgestones or something else a little more durable / less pricey, then slapping the PS2's back on when the lease is over.
The tires on the drive wheels (in this case, the rear tires) will wear faster than the tires on the non-drive wheels for all normal drivers, no matter how sedately you drive.

Most bought this car for its incredible handling. Why compromise that with a harder compound tire? In my mind, it's just as much about safety as performance. In non-winter conditions, these PS2s simply grip the road better than just about any other street tire available. On my E46, I got harder compound tires once and regretted it until I went back to the Pilot Sports. The car didn't feel nearly as confident in the dry or the wet. I don't mind spending a few hundred dollars more on tires each year if it helps keep me on the road and the rubber side down.
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