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Originally Posted by quackbury View Post
Not sure I agree with you about the tire wear. On my E39 540 M Sport, hard cornering wore the fronts down faster than the rears. May not happen on the M3, but it can (and did) happen on the E39.

I couldn't track the vert with BMWCCA even if I wanted to, and highly unlikely I would ever autocross it. (Would rather spend a summer Sunday on my boat than in a parking lot or on an airstrip). Plus I got my fill of track days when I was instructing with PCA.

And while the PS2's are awesome in the dry, last time I checked their wet performance was nothing stellar. (It's been a couple of years, so I may be wrong about that).

Anyway, I'm interested in feedback, so tell me if I'm way off the mark here.
I'll take your word for it, but it's very, very surprising that the fronts would wear down faster on your E39 unless it was being tracked regularly. The E39 does naturally understeer in stock configuration, but that kind of tire wear suggests to me that the driver was consistently braking too late.

I certainly understand that you don't want to track your E93, but I enjoy the extra performance margin that the M offers over the regular 3 series in even daily driving. I feel much safer taking a corner harder in my M3 than I do in the 335 loaner. I don't drive aggressively all the time, but I like feeling comfortable when I choose to do so. When I first bought my E46, I was depressed at how fast the rear tires (Pilot Sports) wore out, so I tried a harder compound tire. I was amazed at how much it negatively affected the handling, even on the street.

Wet performance is very important here in Houston with all the rain we get, so it's certainly a variable I pay a lot of attention to. While overall grip in the wet is crucial, the tire's behavior at the limit in the wet is just as important. I'd much rather have a tire that doesn't grip quite as well in the rain, but gives me more warning before losing traction. The only street tire I've tried that grips as well or better than the PS2 in the rain was the Eagle F1. Unfortunately, it didn't grip nearly as well in the dry. Nor did it give any warning before breaking loose. You can feel the PS2 begin to lose traction before it slips out from under you, which makes it much easier to drive at the limits.

The PS2 is also a relatively quiet and nice riding tire for a max performance tire. I've tried a few others and keep coming back to the Michelins.
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