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Where is the canonical DSC/ABS CEL brake troubleshooting thread

Originally Posted by Elvis530i View Post
Have you tried the warning light reset procedure?
I'm still in the "research" stage... trying to find the canonical DSC/ABS CEL brake troubleshooting thread.

In summary, after reading some of the many threads...

Is this the DSC/ABS/Brake warning indicator diagnostic procedure?
- Determine what is being displayed to me (I'm in this stage)
- Understand how the system works (sensors tied to modules tied to lamps)
- Locate the sensors (4?) and associated control modules (2?)
- Read the ABS CEL OBDII error codes with the Carsoft 6.5.1 hardware
- Reset the ASC/ABS/Brake warning indicators & test the car
... If the problem re-occurs ...
- Determine if the problem is in the sensors, and if so, which one(s)
- Determine if the problem is in the modules, and, if so which one(s)
- If modules, decide whether to fix the module & reprogram or buy new
- Install new (or fixed) sensors or modules & test the system again

Is that the basic diagnostic procedure for DSC/ASC/ABS CEL warnings?
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