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Originally Posted by bmw_n00b13 View Post
Short answer: your module's shot and/or you need new sensor(s).
I know. I know. I hope to figure out the diagnosis procedure and document it in this thread (if it's not fully documented elsewhere).

My first task is to find a picture of the module and sensors (I think the sensor picture will be easy ... I might even already have one from my brake job - but where is the ABS module location in the engine bay?

get the BMW STEALER (i.e. the guy with the expensive computer) to read the codes. Few aftermarket readers can.
Do you think Carsoft 6.5.1 can read these codes correctly?

Detached? Is that the DICE?
Yes. Detached means the iPod isn't hooked up to the DICE at that moment I snapped the photograph. Otherwise the song name and artist would be displayed on the instrument cluster.

bloody cold in NorCal apparently!
Yea. It was "freezing" here in San Jose this morning. 60 degrees F at 6am at 60 miles per hour when I snapped that shot of my display. Brrrrrrr....

you could try fixing it yourself.
It may come to that. I don't mind purchasing whatever tools I need; it's what I do to get to the bottom of things.

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