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OT: 'Mark all forums read' - oversight?

If you click 'view new posts' and read through them (say there are 200 posts), then click 'Mark all forums read' when you finally get through the last page, it marks everything read up to that moment, not up to what you have read/ last post listed. So if anything new has appeared between the time you clicked 'view new posts' to the point where you have gone through the end if the list, you miss those. To get around this, after reading through all the posts I go back to the first page before I click 'Mark all forums read' to see what has come up in the meantime.

I have found that I don't miss posts like I used to by doing this, but you would think there would be a better way. Maybe clicking 'Mark all forums read' could clear only up to the last post that was listed instead of 'everthing up to this moment'.

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