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Method for fixing deep scratches and rock chips

I have good luck with this method. As you can see, this time I had a nice deep scratch to the primer. Both of these could be felt with the fingernail, however the one on the left is down to the primer.

The primary tools I use for deep scratches are:
~Random Orbital
~3 foam pads
~1600 Grit wet/dry sandpaper
~2000 Grit wet/dry sandpaper
~Spliced toothpicks (paint brush)
~Pencil with a good eraser

Products for this type of scratch/gouge:
~Griots Machine Polish #1 (Gritty, but not rubbing compound variety!)
~Griots Machine Polish #2 (Medium polish)
~Griots Machine Polish #3 (Mild Polish)
~BMW matching Paint

Clean the area on and around the surface area you’re to work on. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton cloth to ensure all the wax is removed from the work surface. Cut the tip of a toothpick down to a point. Wet the toothpick end with BMW color matching paint. Apply at least 3 thin coats, allowing 30 min to dry between applications. Allow the paint to dry over night.

Using first 1600 grit, then finishing with 2000 grit sandpaper, cut a small square that will wrap around the end of a pencil with a good eraser head on it for padding. Tape the sandpaper on the pencil eraser. Have ready a small dish with water and wet the sandpaper-tipped pencil. Begin working the area of dried paint in linear motion for linear scratches, circular if you’re touching up rock chips.

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