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I've had the exact dsame issue with my 1999 740IL

Originally Posted by bruce r View Post
I just bought a 2001 740IL that I love, but it seems to have a transmissin issue. The car has high mileage but a very good service history. It has been serviced by a BMW specialist. At about 40 - 50 mph, in drive, it feels like the tourque converter is trying to lock up and then releases constantly. There is a scraping type noise at the same time coming fron the transmission. If I drive the car in the manual shift mode it does not do this. It seems like it has a bad sensor or the tourque converter might be on its way out. Has anyone else had this same problem? If so , what was the end result? Thanks Bruce
Hi Bruce ,
did you ever get this problem fixed and if so what was the solution? Your description was exactly what I experienced with my 99 740 with the same sevice history.

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