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Hi Bluebee! I'm having the same issue on my 540it at 84k miles. I totally missed that you were having this issue.

Carsoft pointed out the right rear wheel sensor was bad. I reset the code, drove around a bit and it returned. So I first cleaned the wheel sensor:
  • Take off rear wheel
  • 3mm allen(?) to remove sensor retention screw
  • Pull sensor out of hub assembly, straight up. A little twisting back and forth helps
  • Clean with CRC electronic cleaner
  • Replace sensor back into hub assembly, snug tighten
  • Replace rear wheel, tighten to 88lbs.
Woo Woo! All lights went off.

Next day, all lights return. Replaced wheel sensor, but to no avail. I've been suspecting the ABS module as the light will go out when the car has cooled down, only to return when the car is heated up again.

Spoke with Jared at EAC. He confirmed the type of failure and symptoms. Noted that the false Carsoft reading could happen if the ABS Module itself was bad and not able to report status correctly.

I ordered a replacement new ABS/DSC Bosch unit from EAC for $450. I wanted the swiftest fix, with the least hassle. (I'll offer mine up for sale as a repair core if someone is interested, PM me next week) Once I install it, I'll head over to an Indy who can code the VIN into it and activate the unit with their software tools. For installation, 4 Torx bolts and an electrical connector I'm told is the extent of the physical installation. I'll take pics and post a DIY as a few folks have similar questions.

I could have used the DSC today as it is raining pretty steady, but instead, will drive nice and calm today...

Good luck Donna with your troubleshooting! I know it will result in good info for us all as usual!

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