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Originally Posted by johnnnykoool View Post
Guess I jumped the gun on all those questions... I just took out the sensor and thoroughly cleaned the hole it goes in with 3M carb cleaner (against my better judgment with the plastic, I gave it 15 mins and spun the shaft a few times to let the carb cleaner evaporate). Also used some 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper on the sensor end which was slightly marred. Looking in the hole as I turned the hub, I could see some marring and some plastic rubbings on the cv shaft ring that the sensor reads from. I carefully used a flat-blade screwdriver to clean the shaft up a bit and remove the grime, plastic, etc., followed by some more carb cleaner. Everything works great now, no ABS grinding, no lugging either, which is an interesting side effect. I think the lugging was the ABS system compensating for the information from that sensor which it deemed accurate. It might also explain why it was only at low speed, <30 mph.

Lesson learned: If you do this job, invest in some good carb cleaner and treat that sensor and CV shaft rim like a fine lady; don't be too rough with her. It could cost you some $$ and a$$ pain to redo these suckers. Definitely clean the shaft up thoroughly and rub some fine sandpaper around the rim to knock down any nicks/scratches. It'll save you some do-over time in the long run.

Next up, the passenger side bearing! I'll get off your post now...
Good to see you have your issue resolved. The next one should not take as long since you know what is ahead of you.
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