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Some thoughts on your dilema...

Financially, it's always better to keep the old car rather than get a new one. Even with the depreciation and such. If you get a new car, you'll loose just as much with depreciation- but now have car payments.

In the long term, leasing is not wise. if you're going to keep the car beyond the lease period, you'll save $ by buying it to start with.

If you go Z3 -> M3, your insurance will probably go up a lot.

Your feelings of safety and practicality are quite personal, so you have to make that call.

As far as having more power, we all want that. No denying it's lots of fun. Sure, I'd love an M3, but a 325 is what I can afford now. But if you're looking for reasons not to get a more powerful car: If you have all that horsepower, you'll use it once in a while, coming out of a stoplight and such. And once in a while, there will be a cop there lurking. It takes an amazing amount of self control to have 333 horsepower and not use them all once in a while.

And at the track, I really have no desire for a more powerful car right now. Sure, I could get around the track faster in an M3. But that M3 would also hide some of my mistakes. I want to spend a lot of track hours getting to be a really, really good driver, regardless of the car I'm in. And more to the point, I just love driving a 325 and passing M3's, M coupes, etc. When you're driving a 325 and a Porsche screams up behind you, no one cares. Maybe there's a good driver in there. Or maybe he's just got tons of powers, brakes, etc. But when you can pass an M coupe in a 325, that's pretty fun.

Also for the track, I'm getting concerned about wrecking my relatively new car. So I'm looking into getting a much older car (e.g., an E30 325is) that I won't care about too much if I roll it. I wouldn't get a new or recently used M3 unless I had the cash to wreck it and walk away without a concern.

It's a tough call. Just some thoughts from one side for you.
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