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Originally posted by MikeW
First, I kind of agree with the power situation on the Z roadsters. I just drove a Z4 2.5 and 325Ci on the same day, and thought the 325 had more zip to I. I can't understand why. It's totally counterintuitive. But you seem to be experiencing the same effect.
You want to know why? The Z4 spring rates are stiffer than the 325Ci. Stiffer spring rates and lighter car translates to less drive squat and brake dive, thus leading to the illusion that the car isn't "fast".

When we had both a Honda Accord, my 323Ci, and my Z3 1.9L it wasn't immediately obvious which car is the fastest. The Z3 1.9L felt fast because the engine needs to wind up and I'm used to shooting off 2,000+ rpm clutch dumps to get the car moving, and it constantly lives in teh 3,500+ rpm range. The 323Ci felt the slowest while the Honda Accord (4 cylinder) felt the fastest. However when I look at the speedometer and using other traffic as a gauge, it's clear that the 323Ci was the fastest of the bunch BY FAR. The Accord only gives the illusion of speed because the amount of weight transfer plus a very soft springs.

Even now, with all the suspension work I've done, you hardly feel the acceleration effects in this car. But it's blazing fast, trust me.

I had a Mustang convertable at Vegas last year with my wife. Sure, that thing felt fast but I was constantly being passed by cars even on the freeway.
"Bench racing" about track times driven by professionals are like a bunch of nerds arguing which Princess Leia is hotter, the slave Leia or the no-bra jail-bait Leia. No matter how compelling your argument is, the plain and simple fact is, none of you will EVER get to hit that.
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