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Originally Posted by invariant View Post
It is the first time I hear about this problem. None of people with BMWs I know ever complained about it.

I don't even understand how it can happen. I only touch the door handle when I close the door. How does it get scratched so bad??? In the pictures it looks like someone actually tried to scratch them
This is a common problem and the fact that there is a service bulletin just for the peeling paint is evidence of that. You only know a small portion of the bmw owner community, just because you've never heard of it doesn't mean it isn't a big problem. It peels because it is just the nature of the soft touch paint they use. I'm guessing they did not expect this to happen in the long run but it seemed like a great idea up front. And why would I intentionally scratch my paint... Just to get it replaced? That's a dumb idea and isn't worth the hassle imo and my dealership has yet to recognize it as a problem... Also you car is an 08, they've either addressed and fixed the problem by now or it hasn't had enough wear and tear to show signs of it. Most of the cars that are experiencing the peeling paint are 06 cars.
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