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Speaking as a female, I have to agree with Moolji and atyclb that those concerns are very important.

I drive 50+ miles each way to work every day through a swampy two-lane highway so I spend an awful lot of time in my car under the not-so-best conditions (fog, rain and sometimes ice).

My husband frequently travels and many of those trips involve him taking his truck, leaving me with just my car and no other alternative. Having the security and comfort of knowing that I have a safe and "sensible" vehicle to get me to and fro makes both me and my husband feel better about my commute.

As far as the practicality, as much as I would love a little Z4, with our other vehicle a pickup, we wouldn't have any "practical" cars if I did. Myself alone, I wouldn't be able to function very well with only a little two-seater (but boy, it sure would be fun!).

If you have the means, I would think seriously about getting a more practical car for everyday use and keeping the current car OR sell current car and get a really nice Bimmer on the sportier side with all the bells and whistles you'd like to have. Either would involve spending money you currently are not, but you would have peace of mind!!

Good luck in making a decision you'll be satisfied with!!
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