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This is all such good advice - having other people's perspective really does help.

Tonight I spent an hour driving a 325i up and down the interstate. I took my car in for service this morning and they asked me to keep the loaner overnight (it takes 2 days to change the oil?)... I guess the 4th has them hopping.

Anyway, driving that car feels wonderful. I did not feel like Fred Flintstone and I felt I could hold my own against the trucks and larger cars (or at least be seen and get out of the way).

I spent another 15 minutes sitting in the garage looking at it - this really helped me to think. Something about having a car in your posession, in your home, makes it easier to visualize owning one. It seems terribly large after driving my little car for 2 years, but it's a beauty (and this is an older model loaner).

The timing couldn't have been better for me to overnight a 3 series...

More to follow but I did make great strides today. For most, this kind of decision is easy and they would laugh at having this kind of angst and anxiety over a car. But here, well - it's just understood.

I continue to appreciate any and all advice.
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