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To add my $0.02, and I won't even charge.

We have both and M3 and a Roadster. Both are great cars and both have their strong points and their weak points.

As for the value of your car, I agreee that you have taken the kits already taken the hits already. So even if you keep it for a while, you will not see if go appreciably lower, and may actually gain a bit as the car becomes more of a classic. But no guarantees either way.

My wife normally drives teh Roadster, and if I were to try and get rid of it, you would probably not see my on the board for an extended period due to a long hospital stay.

She loves it, she occasionally drives it to work (over 50 miles each way) and feels fine driving it in Washington/Baltimore rush hour traffic (not known for good drivers).

Some ideas:

1. I have almost been killed in this car several times this year - people simply do not see me or they just don't care.

You work driver's school, condsider taking some. I know ht eproblem with convertibles, but how about a commercial school where you use their cars. IMO Roos Racing 2 day Higway Precision School is the BEST bang for the buck. LOTS of good skills for street driving, and a god bit of stuff that is good for the track also. My wife has done the course and swears by it.

Also there are other venues that allow convertibles, Summitt Points Friday at the Track comes to mind (

2. I do not feel safe in this car.

Safe how? Two types of safety, driving and general. WRT driving safety, even if you have an accident the car is one stout car. Look at the back newsletters of Z3SCCA (now ZSCCA) for an article aobut a Z3 that was hit by a semi and pushed sideways for a mile, with no injuries. I have not seen any reports that come to mind about serious injuries in a Z3, but I am sure it does happen. No car is perfectly safe.

3. I could haul more stuff - grocery and Home Depot trips are a logistical nightmare.

No way around this one.

4. Female safety - I don't have an alternate car to take anywhere and often I feel very uncomfy driving a convertible.

Depending on where you live, that can be a big problem. See below for an idea.

6. Power - this car has no zip.

Mods. You can make the car perform better. Simple things, Shark injector, CAI, Super Sprint exhaust will help. Going further will be more trouble and more gains. You aren't TAHT far away that you could not come by for a weekend and I could help you install these things.

Since the car is paid for, you can get rid of it and buy another car to take on trips, tracking, more grocery room. Or, you can look for a nice used E36 Coupe or Sedan (even M3) and have a moderate car payment, but also two cars. I know you don't drive them much, but you may find you will drive them more having a more utilitarian car.

I don't think we would be happy with the Roadster as our only car. But we would equally be unhappy not having it at all.

You have a hard decision to make, and I wish you the best whatever you decide. But one final thing, we bought the Roadster when I was at a point where things were not going well (long story) and the Roadster made me smile. It still serves that purpose in the family, no matter how bad the day or week, a drive in the Roadster makes life look much better.
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